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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Viva Hellas! Viva KKE!"- The execution of Nikos Ploumbidis

It was in the dawn of August 14, 1954, in the area of Dafni in Athens, when the bourgeois Greek state murdered a courageous communist: He was Nikos Ploumbidis, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (KKE). 

The following day, the newspapers were writing: "He was executed while cheering for KKE, facing with absolute composure the bullets of the firing squad" while "he denied to have his eyes tied over" during the execution. Just a few seconds before gunfire he shouted: "Viva Hellas! Viva KKE!". It was another murder by the reactionary, post-war bourgeois Greek government and its imperialist allies. Two years earlier, Nikos Beloyannis and his comrades had been executed. 

Ploumbidis was born in 1902 in Langadia, Arcadia in Peloponnese. He was a teacher by profession. From a very young age he developed his activity within the working class movement, thus becoming a KKE member in 1926. In 1938 he became a member of the Central Committee and later member of the Political Bureau. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

KKE: Political event in honor of Nikos Beloyannis

ATHENS- In a political event organised by it's Central Committee the Communist Party of Greece honoured Nikos Beloyannis and other members of the CC who were executed, murdered or fell in the battles. During the event, which took place at the KKE's headquarters in Perisos, a memorial sculpture, made by Memos Makris and dedicated to Beloyannis, was unveiled. 

Upon the sculpture, which was based for years in Budapest, the following words have been engraved in hungarian language: "In memory of the great Greek fighter and patriot who gave his life for the freedom and happiness of his people. On March 30, 1952, under the orders of american imperialism the military tribunal of Greece's reactionary regime, on the base of fabricated accusations, executed him. In his face the working people of Budapest honours the hero and martyr, the great fighter of the whole humanity"

The event was attended by the General Secretary of KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas, while the major speaker was the member of the party's Political Bureau Dimitris Gontikas. (Information from

"The man with the carnation": 64 years since the execution of communist hero Nikos Beloyannis

Written by Nikos Mottas / In Defense of Communism.

Nikos Beloyannis, the man with the carnation, the Communist, the hero. It was in the dawn of Sunday 30th March 1952 when his heart stopped beating. The bullets of the firing squad gave an end to the lifes of Beloyannis and three of his comrades- Dimitris Batsis, Elias Argyriadis and Nikos Kaloumenos. 

The post-civil war bourgeois, centrist government of Plastiras, under the orders of his imperialist patrons, had done it's job. Beloyannis, a member of the Central Committee of the- then illegal- Greek Communist Party, was dead. However, his legacy and ideals were already immortal. 

"Beloyannis instructs us one more time,how to live and how to die. 
With just one carnation he unlocked all of immortality.With just one smile he brightened the world so darkness can never fall. Good morning comrades 
Good morning sun 
Good morning Beloyannis".  
- Yannis Ritsos, Poem "Man with the Carnation".